About New Pinnacle



Bryan Turner is a super talented musician with a strong pedigree in bluegrass, country and gospel music. His family is full of well respected musicians including his dad, Bill, and his late uncle, Buster Turner, who wrote and performed so many wonderful songs that have been recorded by some of bluegrass and gospel music's most respected artists. However, Bryan doesn't stand on his family name alone. He has carved his own musical path filled with respect and accomplishments. He has performed and traveled with the groups Cumberland Gap Connection, Pine Mountain Railroad and The Dale Ann Bradley Band and worked with many other great names in the bluegrass world. Besides being a fine instrumentalist and vocalist,  Bryan is also a great studio engineer and technician. He is co-owner, along with Steve Gulley and Mark Laws, of The Curve Recording Studio and has his name on a great number of nationally acclaimed recordings that have been created there. A native of New Tazewell, TN, Bryan plays bass and sings lead and harmony vocals in the band and is a welcome and valuable asset to New Pinnacle.


Matthew Cruby resides in the small town of Fort Blackmore, VA with his lovely wife, Melinda, and their daughter, Matalie.  Matt was introduced to bluegrass music early on and it has remained a big part of his life ever since. He began playing the guitar when he was only 5 years old. Then, at age 10, he took an interest in playing the banjo and soon became incredibly well versed on that instrument as well. Over the years since those early days, he has become well known in bluegrass circles for his impeccable musicianship as well as his passion for the music. Matt has performed and toured with the groups Appalachian Trail and Dave Adkins and Republik Steele. He plays banjo and sings harmony vocals with New Pinnacle and is truly a welcome addition and vital part of the band and it's music.

Gary Robinson, Jr. is a spectacular young multi- instrumentalist who hails from Lee County in the beautiful mountains of southwestern Virginia near the Cumberland Gap National Park where so much great bluegrass and old - time roots music was originated. Gary carries the banner of that music proudly and it shows in everything he does. Although only in his early twenties, Gary boasts a long tenure in the world of bluegrass music. He started playing guitar at age 8 and mandolin when he was only 9 years old. As his love for the music and his talent grew, he later made his way to the stages of Renfro Valley, KY as part of it's Young Country Showcase where he was exposed to a larger and appreciative audience. Not long after, he joined the band Cumberland Gap Connection where he remained for several years. He then became a member of the hard driving, cutting edge bluegrass band, Cumberland River, until that group officially disbanded in early 2014. Gary plays mandolin in New Pinnacle but is also accomplished on several other instruments including guitar and banjo. Steve is proud to have him play an integral part in the sound and personality of the band.